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About Me

I've been a nurse for about a decade. Before that I was a US Coast Guard search and rescue boat captain in New York. From everyday life, to 9/11, to the intensive care unit, I've seen the effects of significant physical and psychological stress and trauma in people. These encounters have shaped me personally and professionally. They showed me the relationship between mental health and whole health and inspired me to earn a Psychiatric Mental Health Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.  


Stress adaptation plays a huge part in how we respond to stressors and traumatic events. Sometimes our stressors outweigh our coping skills and make it hard to live, love and/or work. I combine a passion and skill for psychotherapy and leadership with a well-balanced and cautious approach to psychiatry and medication to empower people and groups to find health and realize their full potentials. Whether an individual or a system of individuals, I believe whole health begins with mental health.


My logo is the overlap and center of a Venn diagram. The overlapping areas are Counseling, Consulting and Creating. They are the three modalities I use to lead others towards their center of resilience and mental health. I am also on this journey of self discovery and development as effective guides practice what they preach. I look forward to starting a journey with you.   


I accept some insurance and can help see if you qualify for my services


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I'm not your typical mental health provider. I admit that I benefit from our work, I don't believe medications fix all our problems, and I see great risk and sometimes benefit in psychiatric diagnoses. 


I treat a wide array of mental health issues from anxiety, depression, PTSD, psychosis, etc. I do not specialize in ADHD but can help relieve distress from symptoms or refer you to someone who does.   


My services are informed by Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), CBT for psychosis,  psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychiatry. I hope to work with people open to self-exploration.    


I have unique experience at the crossroads of personal and professional development. I am a passionate and awarded nurse leader and visionary. I welcome positive change and can help others adapt to it. It is, at last, the only thing that is constant.


I have experience in teaching, public speaking, group facilitation, effective feedback instruction, etc.   


I am currently taking new consultation projects. 


Ask me for a copy of my curriculum vitae and/or send me email by clicking the button below and tell me a bit about your needs. 

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4713 N Albina Ave. Suite 204 Portland, OR. 97217

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