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Healing Through


There’s power in understanding ourselves. But the journey to understanding is difficult. My work as a therapist confronts your lived experiences and, through an individualized therapeutic approach, models a path towards an enhanced sense of self.

Psychiatric treatment doesn’t always result in a medication prescription…

For many people, medication is a helpful supplement to therapy.

Others find that my treatment methodologies, which deprioritize psychotropic medication, offer them more space to address their emotional stressors and increase stress recovery time.

You are more powerful than you know. I believe with a well-balanced and responsible approach to psychotherapy and possibly medication, clients may enhance their health and realize their full potential.

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A Different

Individualized treatment for unique individuals.

I am a relational and exploratory therapist first and foremost. Though I’m classically trained in medicine, nursing, and psychopharmacology (medication), those are small (yet important) parts of my work. My work is informed by medicine and by didactic, evidence-based modalities but I am not dictated by them. I have a wealth of personal lived experience to recognize that the evidence base is limited and does not — and maybe never will — fully elucidate the human experience. 

I take a “Yes, and…” approach to therapy that allows us to explore and continue to ask questions about “who and what you are…” without judgement. My services are informed by Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),   Internal Family Systems, Gestalt, psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy, and psychiatry.

I’d like to reiterate that my methodology prioritizes self-discovery and stress management in the interest of alternative treatment. I am neither a savior nor a healer nor a provider of something that you don't already possess. I am more like a mirror reflecting that which has yet to be fully realized in yourself.

Jake has helped bring about major positive change in my life. We have journeyed through difficult depression, starting medication, stopping medication and continue to enrich my life.

I finally feel safe, understood, and accepted enough to begin untying the knots in my mind that have held me down for a very long time.

Working with Jake has helped me to understand myself, my wounds, and my perceptions / reactions to those around me.

Jake has helped bring about major positive change in my life. We have journeyed through difficult depression, starting medication, stopping medication and continue to enrich my life.

Jake meets me exactly where I am. He has always made me feel like I'm in the drivers seat in my therapeutic process, and has guided me to a more grounded life.

Jake isn't afraid to push on emotionally charged topics, but has a knack at knowing when to show compassion and understanding when you need it.

Jake's openness and honesty about not having the answers or a quick fix. While I set out looking for tools to fix myself, I gained insight that has been much more valuable.

Jake is compassionate, real, and easy to talk to. I’ve opened up about some pretty ugly things and have never once felt judged or misunderstood.The work we’ve done has been tremendously healing.

Jake is transparent with his thoughts and feelings, and encourages a slow, thoughtful process. He has a gentlenss as well as a bravery in connection and vulnerability.

Jake is a great listener and picks up on subtleties like phrasing and body language to dive deeper into the issues we discuss.